yes, I’m giddy about a new yarn. Yes, I’m wondering about my current mental status too. But its great new yarn, and I was able to go to the yarn shop all by myself (I say that with so much pride in my head its strange). It was amazing, it was odd, it took me forever to make up my mind! I conned my SIL into watching my two youngest kids, while the older two where at their Dad’s so I could run away for a few hours and have some me time and run up to Stitch your Art out to hit up their anniversary sale (6 years, congrats!) . It was wonderful, it was awesome, it was really odd to be driving an empty mini van. Kept feeling like I was missing something important.

6 Noro Chirimen color 3 lot A

I came home with 6 balls of Noro chirimen, and an orphan ball of Jo Sharp silkroad aran tweed in a beautiful blackberry color, that’ll make a Christmas gift later, maybe. I’ve been wanting to knit a top down raglan with some kinda striping yarn, and since the chirimen was on sale, and it sounds like it would be great for chilly nights this summer and fall.  I’m calling it Emily Jane. Emily after the character in the trashy romance novel I’m reading and Jane because I think it sounds sweet with Emily (don’t you think so Mom?; )

WIP: Emily Jane

I’m going to add a shawl collar/edge thing to it, I’ll share my notes when I’m done. I’m hoping I’ll have enough yarn. I think there is some magic way of figuring out how much yarn you need for a project but I have NO idea how its done. Maths elude me, among a great many things. This sweater in progress will be accompanying me to the dentist tomorrow, I’m very apprehensive, there is a lot of work to be done and I’m trying not to over think it. It needs to be done and I need to quit whining and worrying and just go do it.

Anyway, the knitting. I finished two baby sweaters last week for two mom’s who recently had baby boys.

FO's: lil blue sweater and iolite surprise
more pictures on flickr starting here

Now, before you think I’m super speedy lil blue sweater (my rav project page)  was started back in May. While I was knitting it, I thought “why don’t I increase up to the larger size? ” The pattern I was using seamless yoked baby sweater is written for sport and I used worsted (Knit picks swish worsted in deep ocean on US size 7’s). And I ran out of yarn with just the sleeves to do so I put it down until I ordered more. The only reason it was picked back up was because I really wanted to finish and gift it before softball was done and over for the season. Since it was for Corra’s one coach and the lady who took over my brownie troup new baby boy. Well, it came out to be about a 2T/3T size, he’ll grow into it sooner or later! The second sweater, the BSJ (my rav progect page) is knit for a friend who just had a baby boy I need to hurry up and mail it before he grows out of it. I used US 5’s and a little less then a skien of STR medium weight in Iolite.

Tonight was Corra’s mother daugheter softball game. It was great fun, more fun than last year. The girls where cheating horribly thanks to their third base coach telling them to steal bases before the ball was pitched. Corra made the All-Star team so softball is going on a little bit longer for us this year. Bryce wanted to play flag football, I’m extremly greatful that it only last a month. Anyway, it was great fun having the softball coaches line up at home plate and letting the girls pelt them with water balloons! mahhahahhaaa.


4 responses

  1. i like time alone in LYS too, love the feel of the yarn and those good looking crafts item.

    I m happy for you to find those lovely Noro yarn, and the way u described the “orphan” ball of Jo sharp …thanks for bring out the hahaha !!

    looking forward to see Emily Jane.

    have fun in the ball game.

  2. Got to love some “me” time. I don’t get it nearly enough. I used to go to knit night but I keep thinking it is pretty frivolous to drive 40 minutes to go knit when I can knit at home.

  3. Me time is very important. I am learning this.

    When I start knitting my version of Greed Tweed, I will probably have several questions for you. I need to get my gauge swatch knit first so I can do the numbers. But is has been a long time since a so taken by a sweater.

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