it was a good day

Yesterday was a good day. Allysa, Kailey and I went to the Waynesburg Sheep and Fiber Fest. It took us a while to get there about 3 hours. But It was all worth it in the end. During the drive Allysa kept asking me if we where at sheep land yet. We arrived at “sheep land” around 1.  After I parked the van and we walked up to the festival Allysa proclaimed “It’s so cute! I love it!” It was a very small festival, but I really enjoyed myself and I think the girls did too! I saw Julia again, met Jenn and Jenn’s hubby Tom.  Allysa, Kailey and I walked around looking at everything, listing to the band that was playing before we left…

Wool hooked rug, Angora bunny and fluf from The Wool Garden

Alpaca’s still crimpy, Bartlett yarn

Wall of yarn (can’t remember the vender), Allysa with a baby lamb, Allysa posing with Bartlett yarn
Even though it was a small festival, I was still able to find something to come home with me

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fluf from the Wool Garden in Sea mist for a friend
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6 skeins each of Bartlett yarns fisherman, these beauties where embarrassed to show their true colors. They where hard to capture!

and a deep purple with gold flecks

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a deep blue with purple flecks

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Allysa and I topped off this good day with a milkshake for her and a frozen coke for me

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Will we go back next year? hmmm…. I think so.

~ thank you everyone for welcoming me to my new blog. I still don’t know what is going to with the blogspirit one, and I’m waiting for Mike to get home to see if he can mess around with it. (Or entertain Kaiely so I can!)


11 responses

  1. Oh Amanda-Cathleen it sounds like you girls had a GREAT day! I hope to one day make it to a festival, any festival but alas weekends are so busy here that I may have to wait a couple of more years! lol

  2. I can hardly wait to see all the fabulous fiber that followed you home.
    Thanks for fixing the pictures. I was a little worried when I clicked on Allysa and a big white bunny poped up. I thought maybe you had traded her for a bunny. (Glad you didn’t) 😉
    Love to all, m

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