Sunday’s are nice, but Monday’s can be better

there is a fantastic fiber portion of this post near the end

Yesterday turned out to be a pretty good day. Started off like any other Monday that I run errands, I dropped A, B & C off at their schools, K at the sitters (She only goes 6 times a month. When B has boy scouts, C has girl scouts and when A has head start) I ran half my errands and went to pick up Allysa, while picking up A got a phone call from the school that B was sick and wanted to come home (yeah, he was soooo sick. *voice dripping with sarcasm*) . Picked him up, got the call back from my GS neighborhood leader, had to call the girl that had the cookie stuff for my troop. Who wasn’t able to hand out the cookie materials to the girls in time, was able to pick up all the cookie stuff and ended the great cookie debacle of 2008. (Fund-raising isn’t fun unless there is drama.) Harassed the mail-man cause I knew he had packages for me, who in turned picked on me because my van looked like I had been out mud bogging (would had been more fun then tracking down the cookie stuff.) Lucky me! He had already delivered them while I was out! I received my Apres sock pal socks (I don’t think I blogged about this at all) socks, tea and chocolate!

Thank you so much Katy! Katy used her own hand-dyed sock yarn for my socks, and I’m loven the colors. These socks have to be the softest pair I own. Once I opened up the package I had to put these on,

socks from my Apres sock pal

I didn’t take them off till this morning. So comfy! The caramel chocolate didn’t last for very long… and the milk chocolate… um… well I’m eating it now! And mmm, the tea is yummy too. Thanks again Katy! I’m still waiting to hear if my pal received her socks, I’m dying with anticipation! It was a good thing my pal’s feet are bigger than mine. I wanted to keep her socks for myself.

There was another package for me too! This had to be one of the best Mondays ever. I won one of Kelly contest’s and she asked me if I wanted sock yarn (I can’t quite remember, I just knew I wanted…) or handspun. I jumped all over the handspun. I want the handspun. And ohmyGAWD!
targee DK handspun from the Gabby knitter greens-n-roses

I want to use this as a pillow, I want to sleep with this yarn. (Why does that sound so very wrong?)I love this handspun, the colors are amazing. I thought the yarn looked perfect with the apples I bought today. Kelly also sent me some yummy chocolates (how did you know I polished off a bag of those last week and wished I had bought another?). Kelly sent me 516 yards, and I’m completely unsure what to do with it! A shawl, a short scarf and hat? Any ideas?
That is why yesterday, Monday, had to be the best Monday ever.
hmmmm.. its been a while since I’ve had a contest… I’m going to have to think up a good one….


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  1. I love making socks, but have never made a pair for anyone except for myself. I am really scared about how they would turn out! You are all very brave souls knitting socks for each other. Your socks look really wonderful and the strips look pretty well matched. I love that!

  2. Thanks so much for the socks and the package! I love my socks!! I wore them the moment I got them and didn’t take them off until last night. That’s a day and a half. 🙂 The color is not one I would have normally picked but I love it. I’m getting ready to post on my blog right now. Thanks again!

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