I ment to post this yesterday…

really I did.. but the camera was missing. I couldn’t remember where I put it, and I can’t even remember where I found it this morning. Anyway… thats the Mom brain.
I hope everyone had a lovely Sunday, and if you celebrate it I hope you had a lovely Easter. The kids and I did. Mike is still out at work, and if they don’t change the date for break he will be home this week. Saturday the kids and I egg-perimented (caution, there are going to be a few horrible puns rolling around this blog today!) with different egg dying techniques. (I should probably also warn you there are quite a bit of pictures hiding behind this page break!)

1. There was the cool crayon eggs,
cool crayon eggs
idea from family fun. Linky here. We latter dip-dyed them. I used this technique to write a secret message on the eggs for each of the kids.
2. and there where Tie-Dyed eggs
Egg dying
idea, again, from family fun. Linky here. The kids loved squirting the eggs with food coloring. All the mess is in the sink, so its *a lot* less stressful helping an almost 4 year old dye eggs. Plus the eggs are super-de-dooper cool. Watching the colors morph together was neat. Allysa is learning about mixing colors now, and is always asking me what happens when you mix one color with another.tye-dyed eggs
click to see the after photo. (After the eggs are lightly rinsed with water its amazing how much the colors change!)
3. There where also lace wrapped dip dyed eggs.
Lacy egg
These are my blown-out eggs. We used 3 different lace patterns (all from my lace stash! yay!), and the lace pattern one with the largest holes worked best with the darkest color dyes. All the eggs in this picture where dyed using the lace technique. I had a hard time getting the eggs to stay in the dye, next year I think I will dye the eggs then blow them out. (oh, what google hits I will get for that sentence!)
Egg dying
Corra loved this technique. And all the kids ended up with some eggs-travagant eggs. (heehee!) When we awoke Sunday morning, the baskets where hidded! Allysa found her basket by the couch,
Allysa basket FOUND!
Corra found hers behind the tree
Corra, basket FOUND!
(yessss, the damned tree is still up. No, I’m not going to decorate it again. It only encourages the madness. Next year, I think we’ll do a contest, (they have a fancy name for it I can’t think of it, is it pool?), for when we actually take the tree down. Damn tree.)
Bryce’s basket was IN the dryer!
Bryce, basket FOUND!
and Kailey’s was right out in the open
Kailey and her lambkin
Later we went over to Mike’s Aunt’s house for a scrumptious dinner. Then came home and gorged on chocolate! I made a little lambkin (edited) from this free pattern for Kailey’s basket and another for Mike’s Aunt. I used white felt leftover from a Halloween costume, ribbons where from the stash. I had the bell and flower too. (It feels so good to use up stuff I’ve had for years!) I enlarged the pattern 150% for Kailey’s lamb (the one with the pink bow).

le lambkins
and now I’m addicted to softies… its horrible. Being addicted to softies and fair-isle!


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  1. I just burst out laughing about the tree! *snort* You’re the best ya know that right? I still have my live Christmas wreath on the front door and I refuse to take it down because it still smells good.

    You always do so much great stuff with the kids, I love it. Thanks for all the links.

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