well now…

…that was a completely unintentional blog break! February was, well a bitch. And I’m glad its over. There where good parts. The kids and I had a somewhat home-made Valentines day. The kids made Valentines for their teachers
Pop! Pop! Pop-u-lar Valentines!
(directions and templates here)

and for their classmates (click on each picture for the details)
Allysa's valentine's
Bryce's colorful Valentine's
Corra's Valentines
I really enjoyed helping the kids with their home-made Valentines. February also with it bought GS cookies. Oyi. Lets just say the cookies didn’t come in on time. Gah. And on the same day, same time. Bryce had his BS ceremony.
Bryce coloring
the only photo I have of him with out any other kids around, and he looks o-so-thrilled.

There has been lots of knitting around these parts, there are at least 2 FO’s that need their photo’s taken. But I finished and gifted my Dad’s socks *cough*inJanuary*cough* click on the photo for more info
Cable twist socks for Dad
I also knit a hat for my hairdresser/babysitter, also click on the picture for more info.
sorry, I do need to go to bed soon. The kids have certainly been keeping me super busy. Allysa has been sick off and on since January. She keeps wheezing. She gets sick, wheezes, gets better and it comes freaking back in a week or two. She woke up wheezing very badly last night. I want to share this awesome website with ya’ll. To make a long story short we went to the Dr today. Allysa had a chest x-ray, some blood work (she is an amazing little girl) and we are now proud owners of a breathing machine. *sigh* The Dr. said she has a touch of asthma. (WTF is a touch of asthma? gr!) And she is now getting a breathing treatment 4 times a day plus a dose of steroids. Fun-tastic times. I hope this works, poor little girl. This has also been keeping me busy:

*grin* make sure your volume isn’t too loud.  Night!


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  1. The socks and hat came out great! My daughter had the wheezing when she was little and my doctor said about the same thing. We did the treatments and a year later the wheezing went away and she hasn’t had a problem with it since. I hope Allysa feels better soon!

  2. Youngest used to get croup every fall and had to spend the night in an O2 tent a couple times. Turned out he needed allergy shots at an unusually young age but once we did those it sorted him right out. Never had to do the breathing treatments but I hear they are not fun, I hope it’s not something you have to do long term!

  3. Hey, I am sure glad that you are in the land of the living. I thought maybe you were knitting a new house or car or something really big!! We (I currently) have been battling the flu here for three weeks now. Maybe I could share the breathing treatments. I have missed your posts and am really glad you are okay.

  4. Elizabeth had illness induced asthma as a child, which meant anytime she got a cold, out came the albuteral puffer. They usually out grow it. If ya need any advice, let me know.

    Hee, I love that picture of Bryce.

    Is that a Koolhaas? Everyone is knitting it, I want one, my friend Dave just finished one knit in alpaca with this gorgeous deep gray/blue. Wowsa!

  5. Hope the machine gives your little one some relief! And I SO don’t miss the GS cookie routine–the worst part was that my co-leader didn’t pay up and I had to turn her in to the Council and she hated my guts after that and still hates me….good times!;)

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